Library Events


  1. Minecraft Club with Turtle Training
    • Start time: 01:00pm
    • End time: 03:00pm
    • Welcome to the T.B. Scott Library Minecraft Club! Join us as we use our awesome powers of creation to build amazing structures. Learn the game in a cooperative, team environment. Both new and experienced players are invited to attend. Free event located in the T.B. Scott Library Board Room.

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Tuesday, July 5th

  1. Lunch Bunch

Wednesday, July 6th

  1. Traveling Lantern Theater at PRMS
  2. Teen Chocolate Games
    • Start time: 01:00pm
    • End time: 02:30pm
    • The Chocolate Games (grades 6 – 12) – Compete at Chocolate Olympics, incuding relays, m&m sorts, trivia, “Pictionary-style” game, and an oreo stack. Enjoy the fun and, of course, some chocolate snacks.

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Thursday, July 7th

  1. LEGO Club
  2. Preschool Peanut Butter Picnic
  3. eBook Coaching
  4. eBook Coaching

Friday, July 8th

  1. Critics Choice Movie: NATIONAL TREASURE (2004)
    • Start time: 01:00pm
    • End time: 03:30pm
    • A historian searching for the Templar Treasure needs to steal an important United States artifact with hidden clues in order to protect it from mercenaries. Starring Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean and more (131 minutes). Refreshments will be provided by the Merrill Area Community Enrichment Center. For more information contact the library at (715) 536-7191.

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Saturday, July 9th

  1. Plant Clinic
    • Start time: 10:00am
    • End time: 12:00pm
    • Have questions about gardening? Ask a local master gardener! These friendly volunteers will be available in the cafe area across from the front desk to answer any questions you may have from planting seeds to eco-friendly ways of killing weeds. Don't forget to check out our Seed Library when you visit.

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